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The short version

I’m a documentary storyteller based out of Carrboro, NC, a crunchy little town right next to Chapel Hill, where I received my masters in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in visual communication from the University of North Carolina.




The longer version

I grew up on a small farm outside of Charlottesville, VA, in a family of storytellers. I used to squirm when my mom would hold up the checkout line in the grocery store, asking the cashier how her kids were doing in school. And hold my breath when my dad sincerely asked the waitress how she lost the tip of her finger.

Slowly, I learned that the same instinct that made my parents great storytellers also made them care deeply about other peoples’ stories.

My brother once told me that he thought the most important thing in life was to learn from other people’s experiences and listen to their stories. That moment planted a seed that eventually led to me pursuing journalism, which led to a love for photojournalism and a passion for photo and video documentary storytelling.


I am the co-founder of StoryMineMedia, a documentary storytelling production company that produces and edits independent films as well as projects for non-profits, foundations and commercial clients.

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