Sylvia – Trailer

Leaning against the railing at a fishing competition for the visually impaired, Sylvia waits patiently as someone bates her hook, just like her father used to when she was child. She is a fiercely independent 70-year-old who raised her children in a sleepy, North Carolina town and happily lived on her own until one day the unthinkable happened. When Bob and Mitch first heard about the incident they couldn’t believe it: “It was a shock that went over the whole town.” For Sylvia, the hardest thing to overcome was the complete loss of her eyesight, and with it her independence. Eleven years later, Sylvia’s determination and unstoppable spirit inspires everyone she meets.

This is a trailer for a short documentary StoryMineMedia independent project. We’re excited to share the story of this extraordinary woman, and will keep you posted about when and where you can screen it.

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